About My Style

I’m so passionate about the How and Why of creating images, and I spend a lot of time thinking about the process of creating. Since you’ve made it this deep into the website, then hey! I’m impressed. I feel like I’m talking to you at my dining room table while I’m wearing sweatpants and one of my husband’s t-shirts. Welcome! Sorry the house isn’t clean.



Moments are what I can give my clients that’s truly priceless.

Oh I love the big, beautiful portraits too, obviously. But what really gets my heart pumping is when I know I just caught an image that really tells a story. Moments are images that I had to be in the right place at the right time with the right skills to capture — there was no setting-up of the image by me. Learning to see and capture creatively what’s going on around you (no small task) is a skill made up of hundreds of little sub-skills, and my entire goal (and the reason I make a point to study directly under the best teaching photographers in the world) is to constantly be leveling up each of those little skills so I can tell those priceless little stories in a way that the viewer feels plunged into the moment.

Authenticity on my part allows my clients to actually experience their day.

Continuing the theme from above, while I absolutely help my clients plan their day for the best images, and I definitely do guide some things while I’m shooting, I don’t manufacture any true moments. None - zero - of the photojournalistic images you see in my portfolio were manufactured moments (think “scripted” TV). If I’m busy setting up a fake shot of dad-crying-when-he-sees-his-baby-girl-dressed-as-a-bride, that’s the memory my client will have of her wedding day, and it kills any shot my clients (and I) would have of capturing the unique magic that could only happen on their day, in their moments.

Nah, it’s way more important to allow the alchemy of the day to mix together organically, without diluting it with inauthentic moments. You won’t see me going down a shot-list on the day-of… that would prevent me from paying attention to what’s really going on around me so that I can tell those moments on a completely different level.

Ultimately, it’s way more challenging. But oh my… the reward is so, so worth it.